SYTECH, Your Reliable Partner in 5G Millimeter Wave Era – Automotive Autonomous Driving and Millimeter Wave Radar Technical Seminar Grandly Held in Dongguan, China

5G changes life. Autonomous driving, as one important scenario of 5G application, will reshape low-carbon, economical, convenient and safe way of travel. The intelligent networking of automotive is the basic of unmanned driving, and that will rely more on automotive electronic components.

On October 16, 2020, Guangdong Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. and National Engineering Research Center of Electronic Circuit Base Material co-held Automotive Autonomous Driving and Millimeter Wave Radar Technical Seminar in Dongguan Hyatt Hotel. More than 200 experts and industrial elites from automotive OEM, millimeter wave radar OEM, chip, PCB, base material, testing and standard companies gathered together. SYTECH Group Chairman Mr. Liu Shufeng, CEO Mr. Chen Renxi, Vice Executive President Mr. Dong Xiaojun, R&D President Mr. Zeng Yaode, Sales & Marketing President Mrs. Zeng Honghui, Q&A President Mr. Wu Xiaolian, R&D Center Vice Director Mr. Liu Qianfa, and relevant R&D, marketing, and customer service staff attended the seminar.

SAE Secretary General Mr. Zhou Yushan and SYTECH Group Vice Executive President Mr. Dong Xiaojun extended welcome speech on behalf of the organizers respectively, to kick off the seminar.

Mr. Zhou Yushan, Secretary General of SAE

Mr. Dong Xiaojun, SYTECH Group Vice Executive President

Keynote Speech

01 Millimeter Wave Radar Application in Autonomous Driving

Mr. Qi Xinying from Smart Driving Technology Department, Intelligent Networking Center, GAC R&D Center delivered the first speech, Millimeter Wave Radar Application in Autonomous Driving. Starting from perception scenarios that need to be solved in future autonomous driving, he analyzed from surface to core, expounding the performance requirements and application scenarios of millimeter wave radar.

02 Xpeng Automobile's Road to Mass Production

Mr. Guan Xun, Senior Manager of Xpeng Automobile autonomous driving system development, shared Xpeng Automobile's Road to Mass Production. Mr. Guan shared Xpeng automobile's prosperous development and his research of autonomous driving system in China's traffic scenario.

03 Automobile Millimeter Wave Radar Industry Development Trend and Its Technical Requirements on Antenna and Chips

Professor Bai Jie, Chairman of Suzhou 3s Radar, is famous and widely recognized in the production, education and research of high-end automotive millimeter wave radar. He introduced the development history of automotive radar in storyline, explaining the principles, materials, chips, frequency and other key components of automotive radar in an easy-to-understand way, and vividly showed us the past and present of automotive radar.

04 Evolution and Innovation of Millimeter Wave Radar Chips

Mr. Jiang Hong, Embedded Product System Director of Texas Instrument Semiconductor (China) demonstrated wide range of millimeter wave radar sensor chip parameters and applications, enabling us to have a full picture of various chips in different scenarios and refreshing our understanding of the latest millimeter wave chips.

05 Automotive Millimeter Wave Radar Antenna PCB Technical Development

Mr. Yuan Huanxin, millimeter wave radar project director of CCTC demonstrated the challenges and opportunities to PCB through the evolution of millimeter wave radar. CCTC is a leading radar PCB in the domestic, and has deep understanding to high-difficulty millimeter wave radar PCB. Mr. Yuan shared his in-depth suggestions to PCB design, processing and base material selection.

Product Launch

Millimeter wave radar is the eyes of autonomous driving. Besides high reliability performance in automotive electronics, PCB base material also need to support 5G and millimeter wave applications. To better meet the industry development and customers'requirements, SYTECH has been striving in the automotive electronics and 5G material for years, designed and developed mmWave77, a special base material for 77GHz-79GHz automotive millimeter wave radar, which will bring more values to the customers.

Mrs. Scarlet Wang, Marketing Director of SYTECH Group introduced mmWave77, SYTECH's flagship material for millimeter wave radar, and shared SYTECH’s development in base materials for automotive electronics.

mmWave77 is a non-glass cloth reinforced, ceramic filler-added PTFE material, with excellent electrical performance, Dk 3.0+/-0.04, Df 0.001@10GHz (stripline test method), design Dk 3.06 @77GHz. It also has great stability of high and low temperature under high frequency and high temperature aging, better loss performance compared to foreign benchmark material.

06 PCB Base Material and Processing's Key Influences on Millimeter Wave Circuit Design

Mr. Zhu Yongming, Senior Testing Engineer of SYTECH, introduced the connections of millimeter wave circuit design and PCB base material thickness selection, thickness tolerance, and loss through product testing and electrical property simulation. He also shared SYTECH's research in 77GHz millimeter wave circuit design, testing and material design.

07 Automotive Millimeter Wave Antenna PCB Processing Technical Difficulties and Case Studies

Mr. Wang Lifeng, Customer Service Manager of SYTECH, starts from his abundant PCB technical service experience, analyzes and summarizes common problems and solutions in automotive millimeter wave PTFE material PCB processing.

Roundtable Meeting

Mr. Zhou Yushan, Secretary General of SAE host the roundtable meeting. He had in-depth discussion with elites from the automotive radar industry chain, exploring relevant testing and qualification, mass production and cooperation mode.

Mr. Chen, CEO of SYTECH Group, explained the necessity of supply chain localization base on supply risks, trade environment and relevant factors. SYTECH is dedicated to supplying customers with satisfied products and services, especially in automotive autonomous driving and millimeter wave radar materials. SYTECH is devoted to the domestic electronic industry development and always puts customer first.

Professor Bai Jie from 3sRadar puts forwards the key replacement logic from the perspective of cost and cooperation, which is worthy of consideration.

Mr. Liang Weiqiang, Director of GAC R&D Center explained that stability and reliability are the key points from automotive OEM. Meanwhile, GAC is also developing automotive components as localization plan. He warmly welcomes millimeter wave radar companies to cooperate.

Mr. Jiang Hong, Director of Texas Instrument believed that radar is a huge potential market. Besides cooperation with OEM, he also looks forward to cooperation with PCB and SYTECH, together to develop the domestic market.

Mr. Yuan Huanxin, Project Director of CCTC, highly recognizes SYTECH's investment in millimeter equipment and base material R&D, and expects win-win cooperation in the domestic industry chain to break international blockade.

Safe and smart driving, SYTECH is along with you. This is SYTECH's firm promise to welcome the autonomous driving era. SYTECH will continue to work with companies in the automotive millimeter wave radar industry, and be your reliable partner in 5G millimeter wave radar era.


Your Reliable Partner in 5G Millimeter Wave Radar Era